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The LUOA Public Meeting of Members was held at Cascade Peoples Center in the SLU Cascade neighborhood on Monday, Sept 21, 2009 at 7 P.M.  All Board members  were present except Tim Soerens.   In total, there were some 49 attendees at the meeting.

John Pehrson opened the meeting and introduced the agenda.

Diane invited everyone to attend two events at Mirabella: The Candidate Forum on 9/29, 7:00 PM, and the SLU Neighborhood Update on 10/7 featuring speakers from the Hutchison Cancer Center, UW and City Light Continue reading


LUOA’s Annual Meeting


The LUOA Annual Meeting was held at Cascade Peoples Center in the SLU Cascade neighborhood on Wednesday, May 6, 2009 at 6 P.M. All Board members and founders were present. Members were asked to sign in to receive ballots in order to vote. In total, there were 42 attendees at the meeting. Continue reading

LUOA Meets with Mayor Nichols

On January 26th, members of the Lake Union Opportunity Alliance (LUOA) Board met for an hour with Mayor Greg Nickels, Deputy Mayor Tim Ceis, Director Diane Sugimura of the City’s Department of Planning and Development, and Nathan Torgelson, Mayor’s staff.  Representing LUOA were John Pehrson, Kevin McCarthy, Diane Masson, Tim Soerens, and Lloyd Douglas.

We presented to the Mayor, the background on LUOA, our activities to date, and our advocacy position which is: Continue reading

10/28/08 – Public Meeting

We had a very successful meeting on 10/28/08, with over 65 people attending.

We had residents and interests from Belltown, Westlake, Eastlake, Cascade, Queen Anne, Capitol Hill, House boaters and Sail boaters alike and out in force!

We’ve uploaded our presentation, there are two parts:

  1. LUOA’s Vision of a Neighborhood for Neighbors. We didn’t want to open up talking about heights and densities and all that. In fact, if that train wasn’t already leaving the station, we likely wouldn’t be talking about those at all.
  2. LUOA’s community-based proposal. Our members wanted us to come up with a proposal, we did, and by and large they were very pleased with it. You can view our proposal here in Powerpoint format.

8/27/08 – Public Meeting

We held our first public meeting on 8/27/08, and 60 people from Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Cascade, Freemont, Belltown, Eastlake and Westlake joined us to share their opinions on the issues. We were also honored to have four city employees present. One was from the Mayor’s office, the Director of the DPD, Tim Durkin in charge of our neighborhoods and Lyle Bicknell a city planner.

We would like to thank everyone for attending, and here are some quotes that we captured from citizens across the board: Continue reading