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Final EIS for South Lake Union Released Today

The DPD officially released the Final Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) today, April 5, 2012.

Availability of FEIS:
The Final EIS may be viewed at DPD’s South Lake Union website. (Yes, all 1,200 pages are there!)
Copies of the FEIS are available for public review at the Central, Capitol Hill, and Queen Anne branches of the Seattle Public Library. Interested parties may obtain copies of the Draft EIS on a CD free of charge (while supplies last) at DPD, 20th floor Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 Fifth Avenue.

Appeal of FEIS:
Any person wishing to appeal the Director’s determination that the FEIS is adequate may appeal that decision by filing a written notice of appeal with the Office of the Hearing Examiner no later than five (5) p.m. on April 19, 2012.

Lake Union Opportunity Alliance will be officially requesting that the comment period for the Final EIS for SLU be extended to the full, customary 30 day period. City staff has had a year to work on the EIS.  To give the interested citizens such a short time period seems inappropriate and unreasonable. Two weeks is insufficient time for average citizens to read and digest 1200 pages, much less analyze and compare the new content to the Draft EIS.

Notice of Availability of Final Environmental Impact Statement
South Lake Union Height and Density Alternatives

The City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development (DPD) has issued a Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) addressing several alternatives that could result in a potential rezone that would allow for increased height and density in the South Lake Union Neighborhood through an incentive zoning process. The affected area includes the South Lake Union Urban Center.

The DEIS is a programmatic-level analysis of environmental impacts of three sets of rezone alternatives and one “no action” alternative. The alternatives evaluate a range of possible land use and zoning actions for the study area. This programmatic FEIS studies four alternatives and is intended to advance the neighborhood plan objectives of the South Lake Union Urban Center.

The FEIS also includes verbal and written comments submitted following the February 2011 issuance of the Draft EIS. A Determination of Significance was previously published for this proposal in October 2008, and a Draft Environmental Impact Statement was issued on May 29, 2008.

The Mayor anticipates submitting his recommendations for City Council consideration in 2012.

Responsible Official:
Diane Sugimura
Contact Person:
Jim Holmes
(206) 684-8372
City of Seattle Department of Planning and Development
700 Fifth Avenue, Suite 2000
PO Box 34019
Seattle, WA 98124-4019


Keep Cascade Local

The Cascade Neighborhood Center (CPC), located at 309 Pontius Ave. N, has undergone several changes throughout the past year. As of August 2010, management of the CPC was transitioned from Lutheran Community Services to the Cascade Neighborhood Council.

Time is of the essence so if you agree that local leadership is the best path, please join in and make your voice heard. (Email list below.)

The Cascade Neighborhood Council appointed a transitional leadership team to develop a thriving center for South Lake Union; this team is currently developing a self-reliant business and programming model to support the growing and changing population in South Lake Union.

Currently, while the Cascade Neighborhood Council is very well equipped to meet the needs of the community and fulfill the mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Cascade community is at risk of losing the CNC’s local management and stewardship of the community center. Below is LUOA’s message to the Mayor, City Council and the Parks Department.


Dear City Leadership:

The Lake Union Opportunity Alliance respectfully requests that you reject the regionally-based YMCA’s proposal to assume a 5-year lease of the Cascade People’s Center.

As a strong supporter of the Cascade People’s Center, LUOA believes that a local community center is critical to the development of South Lake Union as a vibrant neighborhood. The Cascade Neighborhood Council, along with other neighborhood leaders, have been working very hard over the last nine months to build a sustainable and locally based growth plan and are suddenly at risk of losing the lease that enable that plan.

LUOA places great value in a community center that is the product of the efforts of fellow neighbors who have joined together with a shared vision to engage the local community. The Cascade Neighborhood Council is comprised of residents and employees from the neighborhood who work to create opportunities for residents, business owners, property owners, and employees of South Lake Union to congregate, engage, learn, and play. The Cascade Neighborhood Council has provided a thorough proposal and business plan that we believe will enable neighborhood oriented management and programming of the facility. This focused orientation will offer events and activities that resonate with the neighborhood.

Again, we ask that you please reject the regionally-based YMCA’s proposal for the Cascade People’s Center and Keep Cascade Local by supporting the CNC’s continued stewardship of the Center.

Lake Union Opportunity Alliance


Seattle City Mayor, Mike McGinn –
Parks Dept. Acting Superintendent, Christopher Williams –
Seattle City Council:
Sally Clark –
Richard Conlin –
Tim Burgess–
Jean Godden –
Nick Licata –
Bruce Harrell-
Tom Rasmussen –
Mike O’Brien-

Be vocal on Transit issues!

The Transportation section of the Draft EIS (Section 3.13) was the only section cited in the DEIS as having significant, unavoidable, adverse impacts on South Lake Union. While, along with many others, LUOA believes this statement to be incorrect, the adverse impacts of transportation in SLU could become very substantial and the mitigation strategies outlined in the DEIS appear to be woefully optimistic.

In preparation for making public comments on the DEIS, LUOA also commissioned Christopher Ferrell of CFA Consultants to conduct a peer review and provide commentary on the Transportation section. Mr. Ferrell’s Memo can be found here. It might be a bit on the technical side, but it quite clearly points out several shortfalls in the City’s study and we feel it will be a valuable read for many of you.

Larry Phillips is our King County Council Member of District Four.
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TODAY is the day – submit your DEIS comments!!

Lake Union Opportunity Alliance has submitted comments on the SLU Draft EIS. We’d like to take a moment to thank the various contributors collectively: THANK YOU!!

Remember: if you have anything to add, TODAY IS THE DAY!
You can send any comments you have to the Seattle Department of Planning & Development via email to:

Here is a summary of our comments:
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Are “things” looking up – or, is it just everyone?

I recently ran into a post on the DiscoverSLU site titled “Things are looking up.”
They seemed pretty excited about the recently commissioned “Environmental Benefit Statement” (EBS) that they had attached to their newsletter. I can’t wait for growth and vitality in South Lake Union so I took a look and, at first glance, was pretty impressed. The first question I asked myself was about “who” had actually commissioned the document and the answer I found (or, didn’t find..) got me to read it a little more critically.
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South Lake Union needs LUV!

Tuesday evening, as a LUOA delegation was briefing a local group of neighbors about the rezoning and EIS process, a resident in attendance described what she would like to see at the lakes edge. It was a vibrant destination of retail shops, restaurants, galleries and the like. The environment she likened it to was something along the lines of University Village.
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The Draft EIS for South Lake Union is out!

Picture 13Yes folks, it’s here, and you can access online at the DPD website here – the full 659 pages so get out your reading glasses!!

Fortunately, they were kind enough to break it down into sections for us!

The City’s Department of Planning and Development (DPD) is planning a Public hearing on the report. It is scheduled for Monday, March 28 from 5:30 PM at the Seattle Unity Church at the corner of John Street and 8th Avenue, directly north of Denny Park.

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