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The future is now!

Clair Enlow of the Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce wrote a nice article that sheds some much needed light on the Mayor’s proposed upzone of South Lake Union. LUOA has long maintained that any zoning changed should include a “step-down” to the lake — meaning that, as you move to the north  from Denny toward Lake Union, the buildings become progressively smaller. The step-down has been a development model throughout Seattle and has been the model in SLU up to this point but, the current proposal strays from this. As Enlow states, SLU faces becoming “a vast stretch of sameness and mediocrity” and critics say the 240-foot towers on Valley St “would present a formidable barrier between the city and the lake.

Also interesting is the topic of affordable housing and where that might fit into SLU — or not. Nina Shapiro provides some thoughtful perspective in this Seattle Weekly article.

Decisions from the City are coming very quickly on these issues — please make your voice heard!

  • Do you support a step-down to Lake Union?
  • Do you believe South Lake Union should be a place for affordable housing?

Write to the Mayor!
Write to your Counsel Members!


UW Phase III Passes

It is with great regret that I inform you that the City Council voted 7 to 1to approve the Vulcan/UW Text Amendment for the increase in height for Phase III.  Voting ‘no’ was Nick Licata. Bruce Harrell abstained as his wife is on the UW Board of Regents.  With this action, that becomes the law.  Tom Rasmussen offered a compromise amendment that would limit the height to 105’ (compared to the currently allowed 85’), but it was defeated 6 to 2 (Licata and Rasmussen voted in favor).  This would match the zoning directly south of the block.  We have stated that we would support this compromise which seemed like a win-win.   Sally Bagshaw sponsored some amendments that cut the height limit from 125’  to 120’ and added requirements for some pedestrian amenities, open space and public art.  These passed and marginally helped. Continue reading

UM Medical Phase III – LUOA Opinion

LUOA is not in favor of the proposed text amendment for UM Medical Phase III.
Find out why: Continue reading