Keep Cascade Local

The Cascade Neighborhood Center (CPC), located at 309 Pontius Ave. N, has undergone several changes throughout the past year. As of August 2010, management of the CPC was transitioned from Lutheran Community Services to the Cascade Neighborhood Council.

Time is of the essence so if you agree that local leadership is the best path, please join in and make your voice heard. (Email list below.)

The Cascade Neighborhood Council appointed a transitional leadership team to develop a thriving center for South Lake Union; this team is currently developing a self-reliant business and programming model to support the growing and changing population in South Lake Union.

Currently, while the Cascade Neighborhood Council is very well equipped to meet the needs of the community and fulfill the mission of the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Cascade community is at risk of losing the CNC’s local management and stewardship of the community center. Below is LUOA’s message to the Mayor, City Council and the Parks Department.


Dear City Leadership:

The Lake Union Opportunity Alliance respectfully requests that you reject the regionally-based YMCA’s proposal to assume a 5-year lease of the Cascade People’s Center.

As a strong supporter of the Cascade People’s Center, LUOA believes that a local community center is critical to the development of South Lake Union as a vibrant neighborhood. The Cascade Neighborhood Council, along with other neighborhood leaders, have been working very hard over the last nine months to build a sustainable and locally based growth plan and are suddenly at risk of losing the lease that enable that plan.

LUOA places great value in a community center that is the product of the efforts of fellow neighbors who have joined together with a shared vision to engage the local community. The Cascade Neighborhood Council is comprised of residents and employees from the neighborhood who work to create opportunities for residents, business owners, property owners, and employees of South Lake Union to congregate, engage, learn, and play. The Cascade Neighborhood Council has provided a thorough proposal and business plan that we believe will enable neighborhood oriented management and programming of the facility. This focused orientation will offer events and activities that resonate with the neighborhood.

Again, we ask that you please reject the regionally-based YMCA’s proposal for the Cascade People’s Center and Keep Cascade Local by supporting the CNC’s continued stewardship of the Center.

Lake Union Opportunity Alliance


Seattle City Mayor, Mike McGinn –
Parks Dept. Acting Superintendent, Christopher Williams –
Seattle City Council:
Sally Clark –
Richard Conlin –
Tim Burgess–
Jean Godden –
Nick Licata –
Bruce Harrell-
Tom Rasmussen –
Mike O’Brien-


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