8/27/08 – Public Meeting

We held our first public meeting on 8/27/08, and 60 people from Capitol Hill, South Lake Union, Cascade, Freemont, Belltown, Eastlake and Westlake joined us to share their opinions on the issues. We were also honored to have four city employees present. One was from the Mayor’s office, the Director of the DPD, Tim Durkin in charge of our neighborhoods and Lyle Bicknell a city planner.

We would like to thank everyone for attending, and here are some quotes that we captured from citizens across the board:

“Only 19% of our households have children, while this averages closer to 35% nationally”

“Can we encourage Climate Friendly Development somehow?”

“This dialog (between and among the city and SLUFAN) has been more like a monologue”

“(If you look at what SLUFAN proposes to build) We’re talking about 30,000 additional cars in the area, where’s everyone going to park?”

“What is our own environmental impact statement? We need our own plan”

“When I think of neighborhood, I don’t think of 400ft towers”

“It’s not enough to be reactive, we have to be proactive”

“I’m hoping that towers aren’t part of the plan”

“We can tap into local experts as volunteers for free”

“I think the DPD (Seattle Department of Planning and Development) should help”

“These alternatives have been built with the minimum view protections. Thousands of residents and visitors would lose their view of the Space Needle”


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