About LUOA

Lake Union Opportunity Alliance (LUOA) believes that residents are the true stakeholders in any neighborhood. While we have been referred to in the past as a “special interest group” and “NIMBY protesters,” LUOA is the only Community Organization working to ensure the voice of area residents is heard as developers and decision makers in the City of Seattle map out the future of South Lake Union.

We embrace development, we welcome vibrancy, we are excited for growth, and we will do everything we can to make sure the people living in and around South Lake Union can say:
“It was Done Right In My Back Yard!

Some of our key issues include:

  1. South Lake Union is one of Seattle’s six Urban Centers. As such, we expect growth and we expect to see reasonable growth targets approved by City Council. We have current concerns that the Department of Planning & Development (DPD) are using targets for 2031 in their current EIS that have not been approved.
  2. Lake Union is certainly one of the greatest natural landmarks Seattle has to offer. We believe the area surrounding the lake, and especially around South Lake Union Park, is a special place that deserves special treatment. LUOA has put together some design concepts that we have been sharing with various developers, architects and City Council members. We encourage you to take a look at LUOA’s Design Collaborative.
  3. Visual access to the iconic Lake Union should be preserved for as much of the surrounding area as possible. This means that future development plans should be designed in a step down manner to the lake. We believe that the construction of towers on the blocks surrounding Lake Union will greatly diminish beauty and value of our neighborhoods – not only SLU, but Queen Anne, Eastlake, Capitol Hill, and others as well.
  4. The Cascade neighborhood, as a part of SLU, has a long history. It is an established neighborhood with many community benefits. Most of this area is currently developed and we believe the character of the Cascade neighborhood should be protected.

✤✤ We are stakeholders and we are DRIMBY! ✤✤

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